"You can't ever know enough about a horse; it's a fine balance act keeping a horse race fit. Body weight can drop over night which is why we weigh the horses on a daily basis and work out each horse's metabolism. Some burn calories and get fitter quicker than others, its all about getting to know every inch of the horse."
Alan Jones


  • 5.45am Feed all the horses
  • Muck Out
  • 6.30am First Lot are weighed and put onto the walker
    for warm up
  • Ride to the gallops
  • Gallops & Interval Training
  • Swim
  • Cool off under the warm lamps on the walker

Preparing To Win

All horses at Alan Jones yard are primed to race using a planned interval training program. Interval training uses a complex series of fast work with rest periods to bring each horse up to peak fitness. As the fast work increases over a period of time so the rest periods are reduced. Fitness and recovery are monitored in equal parts to assess fitness of each horse. Alan personally sets every performance program for each horse, initially to physically train and develop the muscles needed to race, then to strengthen and train the lungs to cope and the third principal is to train and prepare the horse mentally. Using subtle response indicators and keeping daily records of horse’s weight allows Alan to gauge the level of fitness both mentally and physically.